Feelingirldress not only sell our stock designs, but also highly welcome the OEM custom service.

1. Private Label(sewed label and paper tag)
2. Print Private Logo
3. Customize Advertising Paper
4. Customize BOX
5. Produce Customized Products Styles

Customized Detail Moq information for you

1.    Sample cost:100USD/style

2.    Customized MOQ:

1)    Leather Design:50 pcs/style/size price, our stock similar design plus 1USD(based on our website price)

2)    Costumes:30pcs/style (current style),customers own design MOQ: 50 pcs/style/size similar design 1USD More

3)    Club wear: 50pcs/style/size,similar design 1 usd more.

4)    Corset: 30pcs/style/size (our current design),customers own design MOQ: 100 pcs/style/size similar design 1USD more, Plus Size 2-3USD More

5)    Dress: 50 pcs/style/size similar design 1USD more

6)    Gown: 50 pcs/style/size, similar design 1USD more

7)    Galaxy Legging::30pcs/style/size 6.9-9USD, it depends on style.

8)    Common Legging :1000pcs/style/size 2.99USD

OEM-Private Label

OEM-Print Private Logo

OEM-Advertising paper

Produce Customized Products Styles


We can produce customized products:

1, Please send your own design or draft with PDF file to our email.

2, Write with the detail product information you need, including the order 

quantity, size chart and all information you need.

3,After all information is needed, we will quote the price to you within 24 hours.

4, If all price is ok, we can make a sample for test after the order is paid, we will 

make the sample again and again until you satisfy with it.

5, Then we begin mass order and send you tracking number.

6, You can give us your feedbacks and reorder again.

Any OEM design questions, you can contact me on whatsapp +86 18559680836, Amanda Lee